Meet Us

Treading Tiny is our little virtual space to share all that we’re up to; The journey of our self-built tiny house on wheels, saying bye-bye to the burden of stuff, while finally (ehh…hopefully) kicking my debt baggage and striving for ultimately, a sweet life with a little less stress and a lot more freedom.

I’m striving for the perfect young & crunchy balance of a healthy, natural lifestyle while still being a modern-living lil family of two.

So, you probably won’t catch me driving my buggy to the market anytime soon…although that does totally sound like something I would want to do. I want to share the adventure; the good, the bad, the fun and ugly of less-is-more in action, while aspiring to be a bit more self-sufficient and live a tiny bit lighter.



Me: (Kacie) Mid-twenty-ish. Proud Mama. Real food nut. Nature lover. Farm fan. Homestead dreamer. Wanderlust-er. Horse rider. Tiny house enthusiast. Excited for the road ahead, despite that I’m scheming new ideas for the future on a daily basis. Make plans to break plans, I say. Then make some more. Founder of I Killed The Joneses– a business consulting site+blog helping folks who want to live a bit freer start & build their own little biz ventures (NOTICE: it’s heavy on the sass- and your mother may want to wash my mouth out. But your business will thank me later)

Baby girl & I

She gives a mighty stink face


Baby Rowe: She’s both a stinker and a peach. We mostly call her “Boo”, “Ro-Ro”, or “Ro-bot”, she runs the show and is going to give me a run for my money in the future, I can tell- much to the satisfaction of her Grammy.


Burger: His name suits him perfect-despite the fact we don’t actually eat meat. A rescue pup. That tongue is his trademark. Knows some real neat tricks; beg, don’t listen, don’t listen some more, bark and wake the baby. I’m fairly certain Rowe’s first words will be, “burger, NO”, as it’s the phrase she hears most often. But, he’s still my main man.

 I wrote a little more about us and the beginning of it all over here.

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