New Trailer + Move Quickie Update

Things never stop changing here, do they?

Let’s all sit back and laugh at how this time last year, It thought I’d be living in my tiny house by now. HAR!

Deciding to relocate to New Mexico to build the tiny house kind of tossed a fork in the progress for a while. The deal was, after little R and I got down here, my dad was going to be towing our trailer+materials down from Illinois along with some of his own things. Well, because of lack of time and that costing a trailer load of money (geeeeet it? ;)) we decided to do two things:

-sell that trailer and buy a new one down here, so all we would have to do is move the materials (I am REALLY excited to say my first trailer went to a future tiny house builder, who contacted me through my Craigslist ad- there are more of us than you think! Best of luck Jalina!)

-now, we are looking into using a POD to rent, fill with my goods, then shipped down here.

A lot of freakin’ work for stuff that is most definitely worth less than what it would probably cost to move here, ay?

Yes. It’s true. But I made a deal with myself when I started this house, that I wanted it constructed out of as much scrap/leftovers +salvages materials as possible, and damnit, I am sticking to it.

Sure I could hit restart and begin a whole fresh hunt down here for salvages things, but that took me a lot of time the first ride around and I don’t have the time to play again.

Fingers crossed that building should resume within a few weeks. My dad is wanting to beef up this new trailer a little bit around the perimeter to make it more solid, so that is the first step. The person who we bought this second trailer from already laid down the 3/4 inch plywood subfloor, but there is only about 1 inch of insulation. Not ideal if I had gotten the trailer from scratch, but we are collaborating on ways to insulate some more from underneath (and use the rest of my EcoFoil to seal it up!) (How fantastic is it that through the EcoFoil donation, it will have helped build TWO tiny houses?)

As of now, I’m keeping my floorplan the same, accept with the additional six feet I’ll have, I’m extending the bathroom a foot and adding a small bedroom for Rowe in the front. Six extra feet feels HUGE!


On an end note, as I’ve begged for mercy over before- Treading Tiny has slowed down. Largely because these winter/spring months have meant no building, just lots of changing. However, I’m also gearing up to launch my new business, I Killed The Joneses, a little business consulting + blog platform for helping people launch and build  small ventures online. And, if you can guess by the name, it’s a little unconventional. Check it out or come like the Facebook page…it’s launching this week!

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  1. Macy Miller says:

    You can’t imagine how excited I am that you are back! AND I may just be making a road trip to your area later this summer, if I do I will for sure try to get in touch, I can bring some Gatorade to your work site! 🙂 All the best wishes for your new build! (and also, I love ‘I killed the Joneses’! I will be learning from you there!

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