The Anti-Sketchup [NEW] Tiny House Layout Preview

The Anti-Sketchup [NEW] Tiny House Layout Preview

Sketchup Ketchup Smetchup. I commend each of you who apparently seems to run Google Sketchup as easily as getting out of bed in the morning [bad analogy…that is actually not an easy feat] but I’ve waved my white flag after attempting to learn to use the thing again. I couldn’t even get a wall to virtually stand. Patience is not one of my best practice virtues, and my design you see below felt the wrath of that.

I utilized, the poor man’s Sketchup or the impatient girl’s savior, to whip this it’s-so-bad-it’s-nearly-inaccurate floorplan preview together, since I’ve left a few teasers out there floating around how I had changed my design a bit.

If I were to rate this on a scale of 1 to 10 regarding how accurate it reflects what my actual plans look like, it would score a 3-4 at best. You’ve been warned. My real plans are done old school, all hand drawn, and they include all the little cubbies and storage areas I have mapped out. NONE of this is reflected below.

Let’s recap real quick on the things that made my “musts” on the design list:

STAIRS to my loft. And yes, my 18 month old still wakes up during the night & I’m sure as shoot not stumbling backwards down some awkward tiny house stairs that look like they were built for 9 year olds (seriously, how tiny are all of you tiny house people?!)

FAKE-OUT MUD ROOM AKA an area when you walk in the front door to have room to take your shoes off and hang your coat, ect. One of my biggest issues with a lot of other plans for my own family is they often walk directly into the living space. After coming inside from the sloppy Midwest winter grounds I don’t want miss one year old mischief tracking her muddy feet on my cute living room floor. Below is the best solution I came up with for an 18 foot long space.

KID KAVE (<— matching K’s almost make it sounds cute, ay?) Rowe gets a larger space to herself now. I don’t want her in a loft, so instead her little room on the ground floor will only be about 5 feet high, but there will be room for toy/clothes storage and her crib mattress (which will have built in storage underneath). After surviving a sick winter indoors, it made me realize she needed more space to herself to play for those days when we are stuck at home. This mini room is also large enough to fit a full size mattress later on.

OFFICE: The reason Rowe’s teeny room is so short is so the loft above it will be just tall enough for me to sit at a desk at. Since I work from home, this is a must. In the future like I mentioned on Facebook recently, I’d like to built a separate office teeny house in the future, but for now this is going to work! This loft will be reached via a short ladder that will hang on the wall.

bathroom end tiny eyebird tiny shotNOTES ABOUT THE ABOVE:

I don’t have the finger strength to pick apart all the things depicted wrong above but here is a little clarification:

Clearly, you don’t see any lofts. I’m sure this could be done with floorplanner, but I didn’t take the time to find out. Visualize 😉

The house is a slant flat roof design, so one long wall will be a few feet taller than the other.

Woodstove: We will probably have an electric heater at first. Floorplanners options for such are limited.

Oven is actually where mini fridge will be

Table+chairs: The table will actually slide out as an extension that will be even with the counter when not in use. The chairs will be foldable and hide underneath the stairs.

Back Wall Window: It’s misplaced in the layout, I’m actually debating having a window over there at all so a TV could be mounted (and adding skylights for extra light)

Kid Kave: Rowe will not actually have a crib, but a built in crib mattress + storage.

Near Front Door: There will actually be built in cubbies with a seating area on top, and areas to hang coats, ,ect.

Storage, where you at! It’s all MIA in this layout, but I have much planned.


So there she blows, an embarrassingly almost-inaccurate layout of our tiny house to be. This is the bare bones layout, but I’ve been getting so many questions emailed I wanted to at least share a rough sneak peak 🙂 This house is definitely built to fit the exact needs of our little family, which I think is the neatest part about designing your own home.


Cheers to tiny, and to re-kicking off building again in the near future.



2 Responses to The Anti-Sketchup [NEW] Tiny House Layout Preview

  1. Jessica says:

    I am really impressed by your floorplan! It’s nice to see someone confident enough to truly assess how their family will be using the space. It seems you’ve thought of everything that you need.

    I’m looking forward to your build pics! It’s definitely a process (my husband and I are building a tiny house and are coming up on the one-year mark and we’re still not finished) and frustrating and time-consuming but I’m hoping it will all be worth it in the end. If we lived in NM, we’d definitely come out to lend a hand!

    • Kacie says:

      Thanks SO much Jessica! It’s honestly been really fun to evaluate + weigh the options of what is most needed for our house- it makes it feel that much more personal 🙂
      I feel ya on time consuming- and I’ve barely begun. I keep laughing at how this time last year, I assumed I’d be living in out little house by now. Ha! It’s all part of the process I suppose. Thanks so much for following along- you might be a good source to bug when I’m lost in building confusion 🙂

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