Bloggin’ Break has Been Broke: Update on our Uprooting

Bloggin’ Break has Been Broke: Update on our Uprooting

Considering how much I loathe being late to anything, how I managed to show up so late to my own site surprises no one more than me.

If you’re new here, you are probably wondering if I’m actually building a tiny house at all, eh? And if you’ve been one of the gems that has stuck around, I’d buy you a beer or decaf soy latte. But since I can’t, a virtual high five will have to do 😉

We’ve has an insanely slow, cold, and if you didn’t catch on from my last few woe-is-us posts, very very SICK winter. Such is life when your little person starts daycare, even if its just a few mornings a week. On the plus side, I have perfected the art of nasal syringes and kid-likable green smoothies. +5 mom points.

I’ve felt so disconnected from the tiny house build these few months, we’ve had an exceptionally cold winter, which unfortunately meant zero days for me to make it down to IL to finish up the subfloor. The nearly 2 hours drive it takes to get there, and only having one weekend day to actually make it down there sans-kiddo (when Grammy comes to visit and gives me the free time), prompted some realizations that building my house this way will simply not work.


So here is what is happening:

We are relocating, temporarily, to New Mexico. And we are bring the whole damn tiny house trailer + materials with us.

The why:

It will parked in the backyard of the house we will be staying at with family, so it will be ON SITE. That is huge, because since I have rowe, having full long build days is really not an option. It will be much more likely I’ll sneak in an hour or two a day.

I also have my dad there, along with some other hopeful helpers (live in NM? I offer beer, tea, and veggie pizza in trade for a helping hand. And a hug. I love hugs).

Now I’m just figuring out the logistics of moving our supplies down there, as well as how the holy hell I am going to road trip a 22 hour drive with a child that doesn’t love the car. Bless portable DVD players.

It would probably seem more logical to sell my materials here, and just buy new ones down there, especially considering I have gotten so much for free. But…I just can’t. I put SO much work into hustling and retrieving those goods… I’m attached.

Remember the stuffed giraffe you had has a kid? That’s how I feel about my mismatched siding. The hamster you had? Pretty close to how I feel about my front door saved from a tear down  just slightly less cuddly- and I can’t put my door inside one of those hamster balls you accidentally kicked down the stairs that one time [THAT NEVER HAPPENED MOM].

So here we go, another new adventure that’s about to be had within a month. The big bonus? My dad will be onsite with me in NM to help, and he’s got every tool and know-how I need. YEE-HAW.

[Yes, I had a hamster named Zippidy as a kid. And on more than one occasion, he accidentally took a zoom down the stairs, shockingly unharmed. Who invented those balls anyways?!]


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  1. Carrie says:

    Kacie, how exciting that you’re moving to New Mexico!
    can you just pack all your supplies onto your trailer? it’d be easier if it was framed and sheathed… but you may still be able to load it up and strap and tarp it. as long as you have the truck to tow… you could make some cool signage and make it a PR trip!
    look us up when you get here! we live just southeast of Santa Fe.
    take care!

    • Kacie says:

      Thanks Carrie! I’m so excited for mountains and sunshine. In hindsight, I should have made this decision back in the Fall so we could have avoided this awful Wisconsin winter and been able to be building down there…ah, such is life 🙂

      Currently the plan is to finish insulating and slap on the sheathing of the subfloor. My Dad actually needs to haul some other items down there anyways at some point, so was going to rent a larger uhaul than planned to tow the trailer and haul his things + my materials that way.

      BUT, we actually just tossed the idea around of selling the trailer I have (and put hours of work into!) and buying a new one down there since not too much has been done to the trailer yet. It would break my heart a little, but right now doing whatever is the easiest {and cheapest} is what wins.

      This has turned into such an ordeal, but I’ll be so happy once we land and can start building. Lets absolutely keep in touch so we can get together, I’d love that!

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