Felt So Nice I’m Doin’ it Twice- Bloggin’ Break Extended [til March-ish]

Felt So Nice I’m Doin’ it Twice- Bloggin’ Break Extended [til March-ish]

Another one of those wine-induced rambling blog posts because… I can 🙂

Let me say a big tight-hug-worthy welcome to all you new folks who have been visiting here and on the FB page…I swear, it’s usually not this dull and boring.

The news: I’ve decided to do what I would advise against any other blogger/writer/anyone online ever to do, and going on an extended break. Meaning; I’ll be absent around here a little longer (March-ish). Which is like the curse word of blogging don’ts, but that’s what’s so wonderful about blogging for fun. Rules schmools.

Over the last month or two, Rowe (who this week finally seems to be feeling better, knock on wood) has been sick non-stop since starting daycare with some awful cough/cold with multiple rounds of bad fevers and trips to urgent care. I’ve also battled a consistent cold, horrible stomach flu and what I’m pretty sure was strep. Whew! No matter how many green smoothies, veggies, and raw honey I pump into us, it beat my ways.

Silver lining: I remembered how much I love NOT being on my computer. For months, because career/business wise besides just this site, everything I do is online based. Every spare second I get during naptime and as soon as little person hits the hay is spent on the computer. I never read anymore, got seriously behind on so many emails (oh wait, I still am. Damn), and was exhausted from never taking a break.

It feels so good! To spend a whole day without logging on. I took it farther, after realizing how over-connected I was. I deleted my personal Facebook account, which felt like clipping the ball from the chain. It’s not permanent, but sometimes breathers are groovy.

However, I’ve had a big bummer with my computer which is currently preventing me from doing just about any web design work…so I’m currently deciding whether to swim or fly (because sinking is never an option) with that. I AM working on some other new projects I’ll be excited to share with ya’ll over the next few months (which probably means sweet summer time, because if you haven’t noticed, deadlines aren’t my thing). Think: e-book or two, regular newsletters (which we neva’ eva’ call newsletters, because those are boring) and my other main project (which is more biz related, but delicious and may interest many of you none the less) which is currently affectionately called, I Killed The Joneses, “planned” to launch this Summer.

Also on the agenda: Treading Tiny needs to switch over to a different framework and a little more bold design to fit how I’m feeling this year. Stay tuned.

My 100 Thing/Shedding Stuff self challenge is rockin’, and I’ve purged so much in both the physical and virtual stuff area.

We are planning our extended visit to New Mexico for early April where the tiny house build is going to restart at full speed (and gasp, am hoping to finish the house within 3-4 months of then with the help of some local kind hands.)(I hear you laughing). Then I’ll be figuring out where we go from there, anyone want to cast their vote? I’d prefer to stay in the West-ish area. Throw it out there!

High five if you read all that rambleness (new? Take note- Made up new words are abundant and glorious here). If you didn’t, here’s the cliffnotes:

Mama tired. Baby been sick. Mama’s computer tanked. Mama cried. Drank wine (Ma not baby). Planning new business. Drinking green smoothies (try one). Ditched Facebook (but not our page!). Shed more stuff. Got virtually organized. Changes coming to TT. Deadlines are for suckers. New Mexico or bust April ‘13.

It’s 9pm. Old me: would be burning the oils (wait, is that how that saying goes? Pretend it does) until the wee hours.

New Me? Turning off the computer, drinking a glass of wine, and dancing in the kitchen. Because, I can.

And that reason is always good enough.


Bloggin’ Break in photos:

Meet winter in Wisconsin. It’s cold. (Snow kidding!)

Sick babies are the cuddliest.

Sick babies are the cuddliest.

...but it doesn't stop us from some fun!

…but it doesn’t stop us from some fun!

Already demands to be hands on in any building process. Time to put this kid to work!

Already demands to be hands on in any building process. Time to put this kid to work!




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