Bloggin’ Break ’til Early(ish) February

Bloggin’ Break ’til Early(ish) February

So, I’ve either had a revelation or break down, I’m not sure. But I’m finally going to raise my white flag here and admit I’ve simply taken on more than what I can keep up with right now. I’m writing this with about 6 different to-do lists in front of me and 27 unread messages in my Facebook account, plus an unknown number of missed emails. I cringe just writing about it.

I simply haven’t been able to keep up with everything I’ve put on my plate and certain things have to take priority at the moment. This entire new journey for us is supposed to be striving towards a life of less stress, but instead I’m totally beat. The self-disappointment that I can’t do it all (well, I can, but not well) is obnoxious and exhausting.

[Let the lack of usual attempted humor attest to my burnt out-ness]

Let’s just wrap up what’s going on so I can lay it all out there, then in a few weeks, after I take a needed blogging breather for the rest of January, I can recap how changes are being made.

-I’m a mom. A single one. A single mom who thinks it’s possible to be an at home mom while trying to work 40+ hour self-employed work weeks at the same time. While building a house. While running a blog. While planning a few other business ventures. I still won’t say out loud it’s not possible, but it’s defeating. Me being on the defeated end.

-Sick Baby: (I know she is 15 months, but I refuse to call her a toddler yet) She has been sick on and off for a few weeks now, right now we are enduring an “on” bout again. This means very little sleep at night and a lot of crying during the day.

-Sick Me: I just can’t seem to shake it either. While I haven’t nearly been fighting anything like what Rowe has, I seem to be hanging on to the “a little under the weather feeling” for the past few weeks. Such a drag.

-Dun-dun-na! Yes, my new biz is officially launched and running. While it’s been in the works and I have been working on clients projects for a while, my website and FB page (disclosure: still both slightly under construction) are finally up and things are rockin’. This has been probably the biggest source of busyness over the last month. (Make sure to read to the bottom to get the 411 on a related future giveaway)

-Clients: I, somehow, managed to take on about 5 projects at once. I offered for a few, then was hired to do a couple that were on a time crunch. Never again! Or, as Taylor Swift would tell you: like, ever. I’ll be sticking to my one-at-a-time project management method from here on out.

-A seriously neglected dog child: Poor burgman, he just didn’t know what was about to hit him when the human child came out. Neither did I. He needs about 8 hours of playtime outside a day, and I currently can hardly get him out once. The saddest announcement here? Burger is looking for a new home. It breaks my heart, but it’s in his best interest.

Treading Tiny refresh:  When I first put together this site, it was never intended to grow much. It was created on a free theme and some homemade graphics. Nothing will change too much, but sometime in the next month or so, it’s going to go under construction for a few days so I can touch it up and transfer it over on to some new frame work.

-The boring stuff that makes me so bored just writing about it. Dishes, laundry, cleaning mud tracks from outside, ect. The ins-and-outs of everyday that have to be done that we all have. But when you try to work during your kids nap time and after bedtime, I get seriously behind in this area of boring tasks. My mom comes to visit and has an anxiety attack every time she walks in.

-Still so much to plan with the tiny house. So much. And with how busy I have gotten lately, it has me seriously questioning how the heck I am going to get this house built, without it taking the next 5 years. (READ: see big move announcement below!)

-Some awesome freelance writing gigs have risen, and I can’t seem to make the time to write more for them. I’m trying, but slightly problematic when you’re a writer who doesn’t write.

-Serious mix ups with emails and accounts: between bouncing back and forth between IL & WI (which means different, yet equally crappy, internet connections) and some issues with my hosting/server, I’ve gone through a few email accounts and consequently have lost emails or they are lost at sea in the spam box. Some I was able to find after digging around, but now I’m so backed up I can’t keep up. My biggest, sincerest apologies to anyone who has not heard back from me! (LAURA, I AM TALKING TO YOU 😉 )

So I know it’s been a tiny bit slow around here anyways this past month, but  I’ve decided to take a break from some things, blogging here for a few weeks being one of them, so I can tie some odds and ends together, and hopefully get this house healthy.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be:

  • Organizing my to-dos: coming up with a system to make time for all of the above and everything else. Ideally, to have certain days designated for certain tasks, so I can slowly get on a better schedule.
  • Playing catch up with emails, messages, and some of my favorite blogs & bloggers I’ve been so disconnected from.
  • Rowe is starting school! Daycare technically, but school sounds more educational and makes mommy feel a little less guilty about sending her. We are talking just a few measly mornings a week at a local church’s childcare center, but I’m hoping it’s a start to carving out work time for me, and as she adjusts she will go more often.

Ah ha, you made it to the bottom! Here’s the two biggins I’m excited to tell you guys about:

Our build location is moving…to New Mexico!

I lived in NM in 2010-2011. Trying to live in Wisconsin and build nearly 2 hours away in Illinois is simply not going to work. At most, I’d be able to spend 2 Sunday’s a month where Grammy can watch the babe so I can trek down there to get some work one. In New Mexico we will be staying with family for a few months where we can literally build in the backyard, and I’ll have a few more people to lend me a hand, one of them being my Dad who is a project extraordinaire. I’ll give much more details in a post when I come back from my bloggin’ break.

Doing Something Good: Website Design Discount Giveaway!

Now that I’ve finally filled everyone in on what I do, I want to do something good. My biz is already committed to giving 5% of every project’s earning to a green nonprofit, but I’ll be taking it a step farther every season (Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall) with a major discount giveaway.

Basically, I run into so many folks on our FB page, and within various virtual communities I interact with, who would love to have a blog to share their story, or so many small business owners who need a site but can’t afford huge setup costs.

In a few weeks, I’ll be offering a giveaway to three folks in need of design services for 50% off. Much more details when this time comes, but something to keep in mind if you’d be interested!

There will be the occasional Facebook status here and there, but consider me on hiatus from about two more weeks. If you miss me, don’t forget you can go listen to my voice, and that of the lovely Andrew’s, from our podcast interview from a few weeks back!

So, see ya for now tiny treaders. Enjoy a break with us, and we’ll be back in action come early February!

10 Responses to Bloggin’ Break ’til Early(ish) February

  1. Macy Miller says:

    I tried to post this earlier but my computer wouldn’t let me…
    I am glad you’re taking care of yourself and your family first! There is a lot in here that I am sad to hear about, while I can’t relate to it all (we are after-all slightly different, but only very slightly (: ). I sympathise with your tough choices a lot! I am excited to hear more when the time comes. Honestly though, if you wrote about bugs (which I am not a fan of) I would get excited to read it! I am sorry to hear about Burger, that is a tough decision I have had to make in the past. It’s very good of you to realize it’s in his best interest. I hope everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can for you in the coming weeks. I feel your pain with ‘hey, this tiny house stuff is supposed to simplify things… what the heck!’, it’s a lifestyle, you definitely got it. Let me know if I can do anything to help along the way!
    Much support!

    • Kacie says:

      Can I just say how much I appreciate every single one of your comments? Always. You always make me feel so validated and good 🙂 Some of things I need to simplify I’m not so happy about, but it’s a step in progress. I’m so much looking forward to moving so I can have the build in the backyard and extra hands for help, it will be such a stress relief (at least, I hope!). I KNOW you have a lot going on over there, even when it may be very different to relate, I feel ya 🙂 Thank YOU, always.

  2. Carrie says:

    Great blog Kacie, love your honesty and your willingness to step back and breathe.
    If you’re near Santa Fe when you move down to New Mexico, we’d love to have you by to see our tiny house and we’d love to check out your build!
    take good care,

    • Kacie says:

      Thanks so much Carrie 🙂 Honestly, You & Shane were some of the first people to pop into my head when I made the decision to head back down there. I would absolutely love to come see your house (and your current project!) and pick your brains a bit. You’ll always be more than welcome to come see what my little house has going on, too.

      I’ll be about 20+ miles NE of ABQ, and about 50 minutes from Santa Fe. Can’t wait to see those mountains, I’ve missed them so.

  3. Laura N. says:

    I am spending my Saturday night cleaning through my emails (trying to attain Inbox Zero again) and saw that I had left your interview on TinyRevolution unread. So I clicked on it, jumped around, and came here. Good thing I did! You have sooo much going on, lady! A blogging break is the best thing you can do for yourself. I hope you’re able to get everything more balanced. New Mexico is quite a change, but it’s cool you’ll be able to be on the build site pretty much all the time.

    Oh, and my nephew hates the term ‘daycare.’ So we call it ‘school’ too. He loves it.

    I’m excited to see how the changes unfold in your life. You can do it. 🙂

    PS: Coffee maybe before you move? Unless that’s like next week or something. Ah!!!

    • Kacie says:

      Laura, we WILL make contact, haha! Did you happen to get my email a few weeks back?

      NM is a big change from the Midwest, I feel a little more prepared this time after having lived there a bit before. I will never get over the lizards though. Ever.

      Yes! I knew someone else out there had to call daycare “school”! Everyone looks at me funny, I swear.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, let’s absolutely plan a coffee date (or two!) before I head out…we have until April!

      • Laura N. says:

        I did not get an email! I even check my spam folder regularly and I hadn’t seen anything there. Hmm. Can you re-send it? Hope to hear from you again soon! 🙂

  4. Debra Jordan says:

    I remember this poem my mom would quote (or part of the poem)

    Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow
    For babies grow up we learn to our sorrow
    So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
    I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep

  5. Debra Jordan says:

    So take care of her! And yourself also…..

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