A Look at the Year Ahead for Treading Tiny

A Look at the Year Ahead for Treading Tiny

Oh, 2013, you have arrived. Hopefully by mid-summer-ish I will have finally remember to write “2013” not “2012” on the checks I write, that’s usually how long it takes it to stick.

I wanted to share a glimpse at how Treading Tiny may grow over this fresh new year. She’ll be undergoing a quick visual makeover and wearing some new features. Nothing fancy, that’s not her style, she’s just..evolving.

WHY? I birthed Treading Tiny (thankfully, this baby didn’t require breathing techniques or cause swollen feet – I like this kid!) simply as a place to share the things I’ve grown more passionate about, and our adventures (and…umm…misadventures) towards a life of less stuff and more real. It’s just the beginning, but I’m loving how this little community is growing.

What’s on the horizon:

Peacing out Plastic. I’ve always been aware of my plastic use and try to be mindful, but lately I’ve really been holding myself accountable so it’s time to do away with the nasty P and roll in some more eco-friendly.

Ditching disposables.

Sharing the Mic. As much as I love to ramble on and make semi-creepy blog baby jokes for you guys, I’m here to learn too. Look forward to some guest writers and bloggers poppin’ up.

Shedding Stuff, the-never-ending-journey. I’ve talked about how much stuff I’ve ditched, and how I’m now embracing The 100 Thing Challenge which will unfold over the next year (or whenever I hit “my number”). So, more details of my journey into getting rid of it all (err..almost it all) will still be a main topic.

DIY & Projects. projects for the little person, projects for the tiny house, projects for building more projects. Projects.

Tit for Tat, trading this for that. I love feeding you guys the great finds (via Weekly-Wrap-It-Ups) I come across on the huge virtual world that is the web, but at some point I’m going to start delivering in a different format. There will be a little area on the Home page where I’ll post links of interesting sites & deals to check out with a short description.

The Tiny House, duh. The evolving s-l-o-w build of my tiny house built by mwuah. I’ll share every detail I can (like you ever doubted me?) and hope to help other kind tiny-dreamers to learn from all my mistakes 😉

Green & Clean. More specifics on how while we are scaling back, we are pushing eco-living forward. Everything from the home to health to food. It’s a lifestyle.

Downsizing and minimizing. Says it all. I want to share stories of others who are embracing similar lives, and tips for doing so. This potentially includes topics from finances to careers and naturally, humble housing.

More as I see fit. The wild card.

Gulp all that? Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand.  This is generally how it all makes me feel (and I LIKE it):

The site will look a little different too. Mostly because my mother keeps complaining she has a hard time finding what she is looking for on this site, and since I’m certain she is about 80% of the visits we get- I’ve got to keep the Grammy happy (she’s also my only babysitter. ‘Nuff said).

I’d love to hear you and get some feedback, what topics would you like to see touched on around here? Things you’re interested in learning more about that could help you in embracing a more simple & natural lifestyle? Spill it!

3 Responses to A Look at the Year Ahead for Treading Tiny

  1. anotherkindofdrew says:

    I’m always interested in hearing the late night thoughts, dreams, fears, obsessions, of tiny house folk. I mean, I know that I obsessed over our door letting a little water in each minute of the day until I had identified the problem. Am I the only one though? Am I the only one that just can’t leave good enough alone?

    • Kacie says:

      I like the way you think, Odom! According to me, you are DEFINITELY not alone sweet sir. I feel like I obsess of each little thing…it’s certainly what has caused things to move at this s-l-o-w pace. Good question, I’ll put it out there soon to see what other folks are thinking (or, maybe it’s just us in the boat 🙂 )

  2. meghan says:

    Good for you for getting rid of plastic! Your goals for 2013 look great. As I am starting to learn, the simplifying process seems never ending! I keep gradually getting rid of stuff but somehow I still have so much…

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