December Build Update: Almost Done Subfloor + Ready to Hibernate

December Build Update: Almost Done Subfloor + Ready to Hibernate

I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging with where my subfloor left off, which unfortunately, is not nearly as far along as I had hoped. We are all moved back up in Wisconsin now in our little cottage on the lake, so build time through the Winter will be few and far between.

The joists are in place and attached, and all the Eco-foil is stapled on underneath. To finish up this took me over a week since I was only able to wiggle in about 3 days of work, and at one hour a day, that ain’t much!

Per usual, I ran into more mistakes on my end. Particularily when it came to installing the Eco-Foil (the way I planned it didn’t exactly work out). Hopefully, down the road I can dedicate a whole post to how I did my EcoFoil for any others of you out there considering using the same product.

I have to order some special EcoFoil tape to seal up some seams of the Double bubble, so until I get that I couldn’t install the insulation and top it all off with the ¾” T&G plywood. I’m hoping the next time I can make it out there, probably into the new year, I can finally finish my sweet little subfloor. Longest build time for a subfloor goes to….ME.

That T&G plywood is actually a bit heftier than I imagined. Since as you can see in many of my photos, the workshop is quite packed, I have to maneuver my way around some obstacles when bring in materials. For that reason I think I’m going to need an extra set of hands to help with cutting and installing this final phase. Any takers?

I’m not going to give a full play-by-play of everything I completed this time. I assure you, it was more than what it looks like! Or, at least it sure feels that way. Yes, there are a few what-the-hell-am-I-doing building choices I made, that you may wonder about when looking at my subfloor. At least in my mind, there was a rhythm to my reasons.

I will be adding in more joists I think, since as the sweet ladies Macy & Carrie pointed out in my last build update, I did not do my subfloor joists 24” O.C. (DOH!). How I managed to not realize I needed to do that for installing the plywood, that’s beyond me, considering I was so aware of those sort of basic design things when sketching up my walls & roof. Lesson learned and some wood wasted, what can you do?

close, but no cigar.

So consider my build in brief hibernation for now, when the weather starts getting this chilly I wish I could do the same! In some ways, it is somewhat of a needed break for me to try and further plan some details of the build, *hopefully* partner up with some more sponsors, and get a few other projects done that are on my “live lighter list” J Including finally sharing our new floorplan, that is taking my f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get together…at least something that is beyond my amateur doodles.

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  1. Big Lake ~ tiny house says:

    Our floor joists were not 24″ O.C. either. We debated about adding more boards and in the end decided to just cut our subfloor so that the seams landed on the floor joists.

    • Kacie says:

      Good to know! Honestly, now that I’ve had a good chunk to think about it, I’m pretty sure that is what I’ll end up doing too. Just seems like a waste of lumber to add more in!

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