Tiny House Chat: A reminder to tune in and chat with us tonight!

Tiny House Chat: A reminder to tune in and chat with us tonight!

In case you missed my multiple jumping-with-excitement announcements on our Facebook page, I’ve been invited to join as a guest co-host tonight on Tiny House Chat along with the the Ma & Pa from Fat & Crunchy.

If you aren’t familiar with Tiny House Chat yet, it’s a great new monthly platform started By Macy Miller of MiniMotives and Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life meant to join tiny house enthusiasts together to share ideas and stories.

Here’s how it works:

  • The chat takes place through a meet up portal called Any Meeting (it’s SO easy). Here is a great step-by-step layout of how to get set up from Macy http://minimotives.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/how-to-use-anymeeting1.pdf
  • Once in, you will be able to both see and hear the folks who are chatting (the hosts, Macy and Ryan + the guest hosts) and YOU will be able to type questions and responses to what is being talked about, traditional chat room style.
  • We have a set of topics to touch on, but it’s also meant to answer your questions you have for us- ask away!
  • Again, to be clear for those of you who are camera shy- you will NOT be using your camera/video or voice features. Just the four of us. The rest of you will be chatting via text/keyboard only (Not that I wouldn’t love to see all your pretty little faces).

This evening, the chat will be targeted for families living in (or eh-hem, building) tiny homes. I know some of the topics on the agenda are how/why we decided to raise families in tiny homes, how we may have designed our homes with children in mind, and so so much more. Apparently, how folks find privacy for um…adult play time, is a burning question lots of you have too. C’mon you know you’re wondering (hey, I am!).

I’ll do a follow up post this week to wrap up what we chatted about for those of you who can’t make it.

I’m so very excited to be invited to such a cool new venture budding in the tiny world, and because if you haven’t noticed, I just looove talking 🙂 Come chat with us!


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