Build Update 11-19-12: Decking is off, Building is so, totally, on.

Build Update 11-19-12: Decking is off, Building is so, totally, on.

Alas, progress has been made! I’ll get to that…but I wanted to give you guys the 411 on what I’m hoping to get done these next two weeks I am spending at our build spot before we head back up to Wisconsin.

If you aren’t familiar with the Midwest in the winter, it gets a smidge chilly. So chilly, I prefer to hibernate for days, only leaving the house for important things like…chocolate and Christmas light viewing.  This chilliness also is not exactly ideal build weather, at least if you enjoy silly things like the feeling of your fingers and moveable toes. I’m sure like with many other tiny house builders, the next few months are going to move snail-slow. The approaching season pretty much gives me the rest of this month to really get done what I can, and after that I hope to make day trips down here every few weeks so my house baby can still get some lovin’, and not let it sit completely untouched until warmer weather arrives.

Back to the progress-over the weekend, thanks to the genius of my little brother (soak that up buddy, I’m counting it as my one compliment you get from me a year), all the trailer decking was finally served it’s eviction notice. So many of you gave me great advice on the best way to get those rusted buggers off, but in the end, impatience and the sledge hammer won. Minimal damage was done and big messes were made- my style indeed.

Nothing a sawzall, sledge hammer, and pry bar couldn’t handle.

Now, I’ve got the subfloor joists laid out in place to start connecting together. Then this tiny train is going to really get rolling. Next weekend, utilizing the aid of my two brothers and Grammy taking on kid-duty for the weekend, I plan to get the subfloor in, and walls up. Key word: plan.

Since one of my walls is taller than the other, that upper wall of the tall side will not be put into place until later. The garage door to the outbuilding is only 10 feet, so with that upper wall in place I would not be able to pull the house out in the Spring. I enjoy my dad’s shop, but don’t care to live in it.

So there my roof-less home on wheels shall stay for the winter, but I’m still hoping to make tiny steps throughout the next few months. Then when Spring rolls around, it’s time to tiny boogie!

My other big distraction? I’ve changed the interior layout quite a bit, which affected my framing plans once again. Having to do all the re-math-ing (do you enjoy all the words I make up around here?) has had me pulling some late nights.  I have to tell you, after months of coming up with my own design plan (a simple one at that), I am pretty ready for it to be set in stone. I keep trying, really! And then there is this…and that…and refiguring this. Phew, this house stuff is work.

I’ll tune you all in next weekend on the progress being made.

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