Build Update 11-8-12 (I’ll take some cheese with that Whine.)

Build Update 11-8-12 (I’ll take some cheese with that Whine.)

Let’s just call this my glass-is-half-empty post.

Sigh. I’d hide my building frustrations and keep chuggin’ along but, unfortunately for you guys, the only people I have to vent my angst to within 50 miles of here is a baby and a Burger. So I’ll just give a super quick (ha, quick, who’s kidding who? ) update on all the building that hasn’t been happening.

It’s been a frustrating few weeks.

We are staying in IL at my building location this month because a) our family cottage where we now live is getting a minor bathroom rehab. b) so we I can work on the tiny house.

I had big plans for this visit. I knew it was going to be difficult with juggling Rowe, but I planned on getting all the framing done and the roof slapped up on there too this month before any snow hits come December. I actually decided to potentially splurge on some minimal daycare hours so I could get a few extra work hours in each week. However…

I have one sick little kid. Poor thing, she’s been fighting an awful cold for over 2 weeks, which for a while turned into a bad ear infection, which is starting to clear, and scary fever. Translation= all crying and no sleeping. For anybody. Even Burger is cranky.

Poor lil’ Boo. One of the few moments of quiet…on the way to the Dr.

So, in between the numerous bottles of wine, I have managed to get about half the wall’s framing lumber cut to size, but that still leaves the other half. The bummer is, I was really hoping to have the subfloor completed by now and be well on my way to piecing the walls together as well. Wah-wah.

If you don’t play along on our Facebook page (meaning…you should!) and missed my cry for help status, tearing up the trailer decking has turned into a much bigger project than I expected. Not a big deal, but much more tedious than I ever thought it would be. The 125+ bolts holding the decking in are extremely difficult to get out…I’m talking minimum 10-20 minutes a bolt here. Who has that kind of time?

I tried a few suggested methods, but after too much huffing, puffing, and f-bomb dropping, I went back to Bert (my circular saw. Yes I named it. See what happens when you’re alone with a baby too much?) and did more stud cutting.

If there is one thing I have learned from working in business, it’s knowing when to outsource. In this case my time is more precious, so I’m looking for someone to pull those suckers up for me and be done with it.

I also set myself back even more with my never ending indecisiveness. For a while I kept updating my framing plans before my first cut, back and forth from extending the layout to 20 feet in length, than back to 18, then thinking maybe stretching it to 19, and now I’m sticking to 18. Geesh.

As I started cutting the lumber for the subfloor and first wall, I went back and did a little redo of the rest of the framing plans again to better utilize a lot of the cutoff pieces. Usually, these 2 to 4 foot scraps would get tossed, but I don’t want to let a single slice go to waste, so I plan on creatively finding a purpose for every last bit. And you know what that equaled? Another setback in build time!

Such saga, I know 😉 Am I a whiner today or what? Well, I sure feel better, you all are wonderful little listeners. No more. All done. Let’s get back to having fun (I’m rhyming…totally getting over this hump already, see?)…Weekly Wrap-Up post tomorrow!

Sometimes you’ve got to see it to believe it. So in this case…I’ll doodle my sketches til I do.


4 Responses to Build Update 11-8-12 (I’ll take some cheese with that Whine.)

  1. Stick in there! You’ll come through it just fine. 🙂

  2. George says:

    Wow! Just found your blog. Keep up the great work and progress posts. You can be a great inspiration to others.

  3. MsDawn says:

    Keep up the good work, you will get there. I live in a 16×24 cabin and my nephew is in a 10×10 cabin and we are building a 9×14 volunteer/guest cabin now. Johnny and I are both disabled and take in homeless animals and people. We live on my 6 acre wooded homestead in NE TX. You just have to keep plugging away. Good luck and Merry Christmas! MsDawn…

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