Day One: The kickoff of building home-sweet-tiny.

Day One: The kickoff of building home-sweet-tiny.

Yee-haw, I can finally say construction has begun! And hey, I’m only about…3 months past schedule.

As if there was a schedule. The only thing I have figured out so far between all the planning and re-planning is this build is going to go with the wind. The reality of trying to build while having so many other things going on has definitely shined it’s light, and the tunnel is looking long.

I only get a 1-2 hour window when Rowe usually naps during the day to work, and that has to fit in with everything else that usually falls into my lap throughout the day. Anyone else daydream about free time before kids? Dude, I’m tired. Someone once told me that for every night your child doesn’t sleep through the night, you’ve earned yourself a glass of wine. If that’s the case, I’d like to know where my vineyard is.

Birthdays (Rowe turned ONE), weddings, moves, and the fact I’m building and living in different states have all been setting me back over and over.

I have built SOMETHING

Rowe & I on the big day, with her DIY pinata I made from paper mache & leftover streamers. The most mom thing I’ve done to date, by far.

Now we are finally spending a few weeks at my dad’s where I’m building, and I got around to making my first cut!

I keep checking and rechecking my sketches, and then sketching more…despite that the design is so simple compared to many other tiny homes. Honestly, I’ve had some slight anxiety about that first cut. Phew, it’s over. Deep breath.

A typical Saturday night.

During nap time and after little one went to bed I scurried (scurry I certainly did…I was so excited) back to the outbuilding and got down to business:

Burgerman supervising, he watched me the entire time. Nothing like pressure with an audience, geez.

clean up on aisle…only.

After I cut the boards to size, I marked them on the ends with a letter that matches up to my plans according to their place in the subfloor, so I don’t have to recheck their sizes later.

Marked lumber with a side of dog butt&tail.

It was so fun. I’ve got builder’s high. I even bought myself my very own circular saw, despite there being a bunch of tools around here. Baby’s first power tool (as in MINE) and I’m a little in love.

dirty in love.

I have majority of the subfloor joists cut and hope to finish them this week. I’m going to lay them on the trailer as I finish up to make sure they all are cut correctly. Then my one woman assembly line shall start and those pieces become the subfloor!

But, the weather is going to bring my high back down soon enough.

The other reality: winter. I’m thinking this Winter’s progress will move like a snail uphill considering having to drive from where I live to where I build, and it’s COLD. Midwest cold. The last issue is while I can do some constructing and such inside the outbuilding, the clearance of the garage is not tall enough to fit the whole house in, so I’d have to be working outside. Not sure I’m tough enough. I may have chubby little sausage fingers but I’d like to keep them intact.

However I am far too in love with my power tools to not play with them all season, so I’m throwing together a list of projects I can complete indoors or in the shop when I’m there. I want to focus on things for the tiny house that I can complete now rather than waiting.  So far, some ideas I have:

-Sawdust compost toilet (a must)

-Window planter boxes

-Small Chicken Coop

-Playhouse for Rowe

-Interior house details (cabinets? Shelves?)

Naturally, I want to work on the house. It’s priority number one. But on the sidelines I’d really love to get started on a few other these too, made from scrap materials I can find.

I’m trying to get creative with ways to recycle other household scraps as well (think bottle caps, wine corks, and old sweaters that are too embarrassing to even donate). Productive and practical creations…I promise to not get all mommy-blog on you 😉

Finally cutting lumber felt like my first material purchase…it’s real all over again. Home sweet tiny is on it’s way!

2 Responses to Day One: The kickoff of building home-sweet-tiny.

  1. Two posts in two days. Love it!

    Great progress. I like that your plans are kind of rough and ready. It’s refreshing amidst the sea of Tumbleweed tiny houses in the blogosphere.

  2. Linda Erickson says:

    Yea Kacie, finally the cutting begins! And with little Boo on top of it. At least you have the Burg to supervise… need to teach him to fetch the 2×4’s for you. I am jealous I can’t be there to pitch in and that you have your own saw…seriously! I’ll be there to help once my own project is done. I think your mom/daughter team was a good idea:) HMMMMMMMMMMM….Love youxo

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