ReConnected at last: Bi-state living and ReStore loving.

ReConnected at last: Bi-state living and ReStore loving.

Ah ha! Finally…a new post! No internet for over a week had me all sorts of blogging antsy. I wish I had something more exciting to show & tell, but it’s been a week of moving and grooving out of our place in the Chi ‘burbs to now staying at our family cottage on a lake in the far southern parts of Wisconsin.

Way back when; Rowe’s first trip to the lake @ 3 weeks old

Picnic lunch on the lake

The plus side of moving is it gives you the motive to go through everything you own, and do some spring-cleaning. It may not be spring but I’ve done some major cleanage. I’m quite proud, and I’m STILL going. I can fully vow that getting rid of stuff is so much more satisfying than acquiring stuff. It’s my new addiction. Can’t stop won’t stop get it get it yeaaah yeaaaah.

Just a small portion of the things I got rid of..(except for the Mother Earth News magazines…never!)


Rowe doing a whole lot of not helping- unpacking everything.

In between all the chaos of moving, I turned 25 (I’m more mature than the ballade above suggests, promise). Yee-haw. In celebration, I took baby R for her first trip to ReStore (I’m wild…I know). She enjoyed herself, naturally.


Rowe lighting up over the lights.

So many fun finds, including a perfect ceramic bar sink for the house, but was priced at $45 and more than I wanted to spend. Thankfully, the sugar from the vegan ice cream I bought for myself that morning (birthday breakfast!) hadn’t gone to my head, I talked myself down, and left ReStore without a thing. There was going to be no self-purchased gifts for me this year 🙁 I just didn’t find anything this trip that I wanted to splurge on. Since finding so many awesome free supplies on Craigslist, my cheapness is steadily increasing and I am sticking to my guns for a DEAL with everythang.

Then my birthday present appeared! In the form of blue marker scribbled on a white board in the entrance of the store: LABOR DAY WEEKEND ½ OFF ENTIRE STORE SALE. I was beyond excited. Did a little dance in the parking lot, and planned on going back when the grand sale began.

I hussled back 2 days later, despite that it was moving day, and you better believe I was back there before the doors even opened.

Waiting outside ReStore for opening time!

I bought my little sink as well as some pretty brown-ish tiles for the kitchen. I’m thinking I will make a ceramic counter top and integrate these into the design.

My cute lil sink (I plan on changing the knobs)

Potential counter top tiles.

My favorite of the day…feast your eyes on my new Brazillian cherry wood floors:

Or I think that’s what they are. Whatever. They are pretty and they are mine.

Total cost of my floors+sink+tiles? = $75. A good birthday self-gift indeed.

5 Responses to ReConnected at last: Bi-state living and ReStore loving.

  1. Macy says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so jealous, what a steal!!! Congratulations and happy birthday indeed!

    Just as a side note, your posts are so much fun to read, I really enjoy them! I feel like I know you a little bit and we have never met! I can totally hear your personality coming through. I am so excited to see all of your journey! I can tell, you are quite the amazing person, this is going to be so fantastic!

  2. Stephen says:

    Coming along nicely,my friend-you’re gathering part and supplies FAST!

    • Kacie says:

      Thanks, Stephen! I’ve got more supplies hidden away too I’ll share soon 🙂 I enjoy collecting materials so much I almost start to forget about the building part, ha!

  3. I always appreciate a great article or piece of writing. Thanks for the contribution.

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