Where this tiny madness is happening: Welcome to corn country.

Where this tiny madness is happening: Welcome to corn country.

I’ve covered the who and the what, but I’ve been getting a few questions about where I am building my tiny house at- excellent question.

I know a big road block for many of those wanting to build a house on wheels is where to actually build it. Many of us (including myself) live in areas where don’t exactly have some spare land or workshop to build in, or even so much as a big driveway where our neighbors wouldn’t feel the mess of construction was completely offensive.

I’m a lucky duck, hole-in-one lucky. While I live in one of the largest suburbs of Chicago, my dad owns a “farm” a little over an hour west of here in the country.

I put farm in quotations because that word usually means agriculture, livestock, overalls…but it actually is not really a farm, despite that we call it that. We have no cows or pretty ponies (trust me, I tried). We do have corn though, this IS Illinois. The corn-grower is not us however; my Dad rented the land to a real farmer who makes us look good so we can call it a farm.  Yee-haw.

On this big chunk of land sits a house and a big outbuilding on the back of the property. My father is a project man and has tons of tools and such back there, perfect for a gal with very little tool-assests to construct my wittle house.

Really truly lucky, since I don’t think the neighbors of our townhouse in the ‘burbs who appreciate me building a house in the driveway.

Come on in and let me give you a tour of thee farm.

Follow the yellow brick eerr…dirt gravel road


House on the left, outbuilding in the distance.


To the backyard we go

Looking back at the house, as well as the paddock where the horses and cows we never had could live.


The rest of the property, real farmers doin’ their farming thing in the distance.


I’ll be giving a much better peak inside the back building soon..I scored a whole bunch of construction goodies inside!

3 Responses to Where this tiny madness is happening: Welcome to corn country.

  1. Stephen says:

    NIce place to build indeed! Plenty of room to let Rowe rome whilest yuo work too (ok,it sounded so funky I HAD to say it,I know she’s too young to let loose unsupervised :p).

    • Kacie says:

      Ha, TRUST ME, I wish she could roam! I could get SO much more work done. Guess I will have to wait a few years…

      • Stephen says:

        LOL,not if she grows into being as wide open as my two,my daughter (Jamie) is 15…she’s pretty much a hermit crab,barracaded in her room online or game playing,Nick (10 year old)? Just the opposite,you have to keep both eyes and 3 borrowed ones on him,LOL! :p

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